Hey! Are you looking to support women sci-fi film makers? Well let’s have a chat.

This is a movie by my friend Lauren. She is great.

Here’s a bit about the movie:

"During a typical day of work at Deafinity, Inc., in sunny Tampa, Florida, Sylvia has her heart broken, tries to find her lost son, wins the lottery, has phone sex, and schedules her next round of chemo. Except none of this is actually happening to her. As a Sign Language interpreter, or as the company calls her, a DialTone™, Sylvia interprets phone calls in her tec’d-out pod. She loves becoming the voice for the deaf caller and the ears for the hearing caller. But she isn’t so great at following the rules. Particularly the one that says: Don’t Get Sucked In To Your Callers Lives. When her company gives her a new monitoring device, in the form of an ear-shaped headset, Sylvia must decide to follow the rules and not get sucked in, or rebel and defiantly be herself."

Now a bit about Lauren, the film maker:

"Over the past nine years I have worked as a sign language interpreter. Many of those years I interpreted phone calls like Sylvia does. In 2007, when I started the job, being the voice for strangers, often saying things I didn’t agree with or didn’t understand, was difficult and lonely. I would jump in and out of people’s lives and commit to their emotions as if they were my own. Then the calls would end and it would be just me, sitting alone in my cube. I often left that job feeling drained and unsure of who I was, having to remind myself that I was not just a Dial Tone. This film is a comedic, fictional and sci-fi take on some of those struggles."

If you can’t donate, please do share! I would love to help Lauren get this funded!!

Thank you! Good chat.

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Antron McCray. Kevin Richardson. Yusef Salaam. Raymond Santana. Koery Wise. 

These are the names of the INNOCENT black and Latino men who spent 7-13 years in jail for a crime they didn’t, a crime they are still seeking justice for. Never Forget!


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